How To: Access the Mobile Admin View

What is the Mobile Admin View?

The Mobile Admin View offers admins the ability to view and manage the status of interactions and view the content in your channel.


What functions can I perform in the Mobile Admin View?

The Mobile Admin View contains three standard functions:

Interactions tab

This tab displays the interactive content in your channel and allows you to change the status of an interaction.



🧠  For example, as an Admin you may access a Visitor Registration and change the status from Created to Approved or Arrived. This is also where you can scan member's QR Codes to automatically change the status.

See also: QR Code Scanning


Content tab

This tab allows you to view the content in your channel. Edits should be done in the desktop browser.



💡 Tasks such as content creation, enrolling new members, and other administrative actions are best done in the regular Admin View accessed through the desktop browser.

Profile tab

The profile tab is the same as the Members View and allows you to switch out of the Mobile Admin view to another channel and manage your profile information:


How to enable the Mobile Admin View

The Mobile Admin View is controlled via a team permission setting. To enable the Mobile Admin View:

  1. Log in to Lane as an Admin or Workplace Admin using a desktop browser.
  2. Switch to the Admin View.
  3. Go to Team Management and click on the team you want to allow access to the Mobile Admin View. In this example, we will use the Workplace Admin team:
  4. Click on the gears icon to access the Permissions and Requirements settings:
  5. Under the Portal heading, enable the permission "This user is an admin-like user that can access the admin portal on mobile."
  6. Click on Save.

This will enable the Admin View button on the mobile app next to the channels where the user is a member of a team that has this permission enabled.


If you have any questions about enabling the Admin View on mobile or desktop, feel free to reach out to our Support Team: We happily stand by to lend a hand!

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