🎉 5.46.0 August 4, 2021: Redesigned Radio Buttons, Media library improvements, security and user experience improvements.

5.46.0 August 4, 2021

New Features

Redesigned Mobile Selectable components – Radio Buttons
Newly redesigned Radio buttons are here!

Media Library improvements
Added the ability to add multiple images at a time to media library, improving efficiency and ease of use.

Updates to restricted content 
Improved error messaging and use experience when viewing restricted (user must be logged in) content, when not logged in.

Upgraded 'Invite Guests' feature
We've added the ability to add multiple guests using the 'invite guest' feature in the no-code builder. 


Bug Fixes

Preventing unauthorized channel profile edit
Fixed an authorization bug that was allowing non-admin members to modify some channel profile attributes (square footage, headcount, description, etc)

Mobile refresh
Fixed a bug preventing reloading of pages on mobile

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