Integration: LiveSafe


What is LiveSafe?

LiveSafe is a provider of safety solutions. LiveSafe is a risk intelligence solution. It allows tenants to submit security tips and chat with the on-site security team. Agents can respond to and escalate tips & messages as needed via the LiveSafe web portal.

Submit emergency & non-emergency tips

Tenants can submit emergency or non-emergency tips to building staff. Tenants can submit images, videos, and audio recordings along with their message. These will be submitted for the team to view and respond to in the LiveSafe platform and web apps.

Chat with onsite team

Tenants can chat with the onsite team after submitting a tip.

View submitted tips

Tenants can view and revisit the tips they have previously submitted. Any updates provided by the building team via LiveSafe will be visible in the Lane app.

Receive LiveSafe broadcast messages

Broadcast messages sent via LiveSafe will result in a notification to the user via Lane. The method of notification is configured by the end user - by default it is set to mobile push the Lane app.

If you would like to add and configure LiveSafe to your channel, contact the Help Desk at 
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