How to: Types of Pins

What are Pins?

Pins are different ways to display links to content in your channel. Typically shown as a button with a combination of text and an icon or a picture, pins make it easy to create an array of uniform links that are pleasing to the eye and easy to click on from any device. 


Where do Pins come from?

Pins are created from the information in the Info Card of the content they link to.

For example, the first Pin above links to the Bike Storage page.

The Info Card for the Bike Storage page contains the Title, Background Image, Icon, Icon Color and Logo that are shown in different views of the Pin.


Similarly, the Info Cards for the Parking Options and Freight Elevator Pages contain the icons and images displayed in the Pins for these pages.

What are the different types of Pin Views?

Depending on the type of Content Block, there a a number of options for viewing Pins:


Standard Pin

The Standard Pin view shows the Title, Icon, and Background Image from the Info Card:


💡 When using the Standard Pin view, we recommend only setting a Title and Background Image (or Logo) in the Info Card and not setting an Icon, otherwise it results in a cluttered view:


Circle Pin

The Circle Pin View displays the Icon in a circle, with the Title below.


💡  When using the Circle Pin view, be careful to select contrasting colors for the Title and Background so that they can be easily read:


🧠  See also: How To: Build Accessible Content

Square Pin

The Square Pin view shows the Title and Icon in a square with rounded corners.


💡 Unlike the Circle Pin view, the Title and Icon are grouped together independent of the background color:

List View Pin

The List View Pin shows the Info Cards of the linked content. This has the advantage of displaying the Description in addition to the Title and Background Image, and results in a more uniform look:


If you have any questions about Pins or design in general, contact the Help Desk at and we will be happy to help!

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