How To: Use Insights & Reports

Insights & Reports

What are Insights & Reports?

Insights & Reports is a data visualization tool and reporting engine available to Lane customers from the Admin View. 

💡  Insights & Reports does not replace the Dashboard, but supplements it with additional, more detailed analytics. The Dashboard shows numeric data on user logins and quick access to the top 25 interactive content items.

How do I access Insights & Reports?

Insights & Reports is available to users who are:

  1. Members of the Workplace Admin team
  2. Members of a team that has permissions to view Analytics.

You can either give the Workplace Admin team the required permissions (which means all members of the team can view Insights) or create a new team that has the following permission enabled:

  • Enable the following permissions under the Analytics area of Permissions:
    • This user can see Analytics about this channel, including the dashboard
    • This user can see Insights and Reports about this channel
  • Add the users who would benefit from seeing the new reports to this team.

🧠  While it is possible to simply add the required permissions to the Workplace Admin team, there are situations where you may want to separate these two groups.

For a user who meets both requirements, a new Insights & Reports link appears in the list of Admin Tools:


What dashboards are available?

The following dashboards available under Insights & Reports:

Clicking on a dashboard allows you to refine and filter the data shown in the visualizations, download for use in other tools, or schedule reports for delivery by email on a regular basis.


Members vs Users

  • Members = people who are in the channel in a Workplace Member (end user) role, excluding people who are in an Admin role.
  • Users = all of the people in the channel, including Workplace Member and Workplace Admin type roles.
  • Last 28 Day Active Members/Users = Monthly active members/users
  • Last 7 Day Active Members/Users = Number of members/users active in the last week
  • Subscribed Members/Users = Active or signed up in the last 2 years, which filters out inactive members/users. 
  • Total Members/Users = All signed up members/users from the creation of the channel.

Content impressions vs views vs interactions

  • Impression: a user scrolls past a piece of content.
  • Unique impression: a distinct user scrolls past a piece of content on a given day.
  • View: a user clicks on a piece of content and goes from the Info card to the details of the content.
  • Unique View: a user clicks on a piece of content on a given day.
  • Interaction: a user fills out information and submits a piece of interactive content.
  • Unique Interaction: a distinct user fills out information and submits a piece of interactive content on a given day.
  • Click-through-rate: What percentage of users who scrolled past a piece of content clicked on that content and viewed the page or post.
  • Conversion rate: What percentage of users that clicked on a piece of interactive content submitted a response (survey response, maintenance request, promotion sign up etc.).


  1. Why are the monthly reports over 28 days?
    Activity on the Lane platform is biased towards weekdays, but it is useful for monthly metrics to have an equal number of weekdays and weekends in it. Otherwise some months will look better than others simply by virtue of having more or fewer Mondays.

  2. Why differentiate between Active Members and Subscribed Members?
    Some of our properties are very long lived. Users may have signed up over 5 years ago but not been active since. This is a reporting way to separate these historical sign-ups from more relevant recent sign-ups and engaged users. If the number of subscribed users is a low percentage of total sign ups it may indicate the need for a resurrection campaign or simply that those longer users are no longer present in the property.

User Search

The User Search dashboard lists all the users in the channel. You can sort, filter, and download the results of this report for further analysis in a database application or spreadsheet.


User Activity

The User Activity dashboard shows information about the users in a channel. It tells you:

  • How many monthly active members do I have in this property or group of properties?
    • How has this changed over time?
  • Which days saw the most new member sign ups?
  • What are the most popular days of the week?
  • Which tenants are driving property activity?

Content Analytics

The Content Analytics dashboard explores how well content in a channel is reaching members:

  • How much content has been created by the admins of this property?
  • How many impressions/views/interactions are occurring on this channel?
  • What percentage of my content is dedicated to Pages/Posts/Notices/Perks?
  • What percentage of my engagement is driven by Pages/Posts/Notices/Perks?
  • What is my top content by views?
  • What is my top content by interactions?
  • Which content categories generate the most traffic?
  • What are my most popular days of the week for engagement?

Post Analytics

The Post Analytics dashboard shows details about the popularity of a particular content item:

  • How many people have viewed this content item?
  • When did they view and interact with it?
  • Which companies do the members who viewed and interacted with it belong to?
  • How many notifications were sent to members and how many were opened?
  • How many times did members click on links within the content item?


The Reservations dashboard shows details about the utilization of amenities.

  • Which channels generate the most reservations?
  • Which company tenants make the most reservations?
  • How many reservations are made on a monthly basis?
  • Which teams make the most reservations?
  • Which amenities are the most popular?
  • When are future bookings being made?

Portfolio Analytics

The Portfolio Analytics dashboard is designed to compare the activity between two or more properties in a portfolio based on the following factors:

  • Number of users adopting and using Lane on a daily and monthly basis
  • The top Channels based on activity, content creation, and engagement.
  • The top Content items that generate the most engagement from members.
  • The top Companies that have the most engaged members. 

💡  Note: You'll need to have admin access to the parent level of your channels to be able to run this report.


As you can see, there are numerous reports available to help understand the activity in a channel, property, or portfolio of properties. The reports are only as good as the data available, so careful categorization of content and users leads to better analytics and insights. 


If you have any further questions about Insights, contact the Help Desk at We would be happy to help!

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