🎉 5.36.0 - May 25, 2021: Saving interactions, breadcrumbs, bug fixes.

5.36.0 (Tue May 25)

New Features

  • Saving interaction progress when signed out
    It is currently possible for users to interact with content (forms, surveys, contests, etc) while signed out (for example from a link in an email notification). In order to submit, the user needs to log in. This feature ensures the user's data is saved and not reset after signing in, ensuring they don't lose their progress.

  • Breadcrums and layout grid
    User Interface & Experience: For easier navigation, we've added breadcrumbs! Additionally, we've improved the grid system by which our desktop environments are arranged.


Bug Fixes

  • Theme updates and propagation
    We've fixed the themes engine ensuring that when the parent theme is updated, all blocks (builder blocks, buttons, etc) using that palette are automatically updated as well.

  • Android app stability
    Applied a fix to content styling bug causing the mobile app to crash on some Android devices.

  • Sort countries alphabetically for phone number input
    Fix to alphabetize country code dropdown on phone number input screen.


  • Ability to add a payment method on Mobile
    Fixed a bug preventing user to adding payment method on mobile

  • WebView is not enabled for admins
    Fixed a bug preventing workplace admins from adding WebView content in the builder.

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