🎉 5.34.0: Stability and efficiency improvements, content refresh, log in prompt and various bug fixes

5.34.0 (Tue May 11)


New Features

  • Content update improvements
    We've made back end improvements to ensure subsribers' content feeds are always as up to date as possible. As part of this, we've also introduced a 'pull down to refresh' feature, where a 'swipe down' gesture at the top of a content feed will pull in the latest version of that feed.

  • Added a prompt to log in when interacting with content via the web
    Previosuly, when a workplace member who is not logged in opened a post (for example through an email notification) and they were not logged in, they would not be able to interact with that post. We've allowed the user to interact with the post, but to submit, we invite them to log into their account. Any information they already provided will be saved after logging in. 
  • Back end performance and efficiency improvements


Bug Fixes

  • Language Selection
    Fixed the language selection dropdown, which was appearing with cut off text for some users.

  • Onboarding Flow
    For clarity and to eliminate confusion, buildings or companies are no longer pre-populated during the sign up flow, user must type at least 3 characters to start seeing results. 

  • Onboarding Flow
    Fixed an error causing some search results to come up empty during onboarding flow, at the 'choose your building' step, when searching by address.

  • Proxyclick Integration
    Fixed an error causing duplicate visits to be recorded in some situations.

  • Default Font and Text Color
    Fixed a layout error which prevented text from automatically changing to a contrasting colour, based on background color. Included are other improvements for text consistency throughout the platform.

  • Date and Time range picker
    Fixed 2 issues with date range picker: drag & drop not working correctly and time picker value not working correctly.

  • Punctuation in channel names
    Fixed an error with handling punctuation in channel and user names

  • Email Notification
    Fixed an error causing some users to not receiving signup verification email. 

  • Purchase Confirmation Email
    A number of fixes to the purchase confirmation email, including efficiency, reliability and legibility.

  • Moving Teams
    Fixed an error preventing workplace admins from moving individuals between teams on team management screen. 

  • Mobile Crashing
    Fixed an error causing mobile app to crash for some users upon form submission.


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