How To Use The New Content Creator?

The Lane Builder is the engine that powers Lane's workplace experience. 

We’ve made some updates to how you create content in Lane’s admin view. This new workflow streamlines the process of creating a page, post, or notice. Here are some of the improvements:

  • New button for adding content
  • Page, Post, and Notice descriptions so there’s no confusion about what content-type you need to create
  • Organized template categories including your saved custom templates, most frequently used templates, and Lane’s suggested templates.
  • Template previews before selection
  • Ability to skip and create content without a template

This new workflow makes content creation efficient and easy to use.


In just a few clicks you will be able to create a Page, Post, or Notice!  The new template selector will allow you to choose from a plethora of prebuilt content pieces created by the Lane team. 

  • Content Selector: After clicking on create new from the Admin Menu, select the type of content you'd like to build.  The options available are Page, Post, and Notice.
  • Template: You will then have the option to select a template available to your channel, or select one of the content pieces created by the Lane team. If you'd like to create a custom build, simply select skip on the bottom right of the content popup. Clicking a template will also give you a preview on both web and mobile! 
  • Use Template: Clicking 'Use Template' will make use of the selected template within your content. You will then be brought to the content info card to complete editing through the Lane builder. CleanShot_2021-01-21_at_12.24.49.png

Should you have gone through all these steps and still be having issues, feel free to reach out to our Support Team:  We happily stand by to lend a hand! 

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