🎓 Lesson 1.4: Using Sections

Sections are a great way to organize a your content

Types of Sections

Static Sections

Static Sections allow you to pick and choose similarly themed pages for easy access within Lane.

For example, a COVID-19 resources section can be used to hold all related pages, added, removed or updated by a Workplace Admin as the situation and latest information evolves.



Dynamic Sections:

Dynamic Sections look for content that meet the Tags and Filters criteria that you set up when creating the section.

For example, you may set up a Dynamic Section that looks for all Retailer pages, notices, promotions, and other types of content based on the tags "Advertising, "Announcements," "Contest," and "Food."

If a new promotion is created by a Retailer using the tag "Contest" the content is automatically added to the Retailers section. 


Displaying Sections

When designing a page using the Content Editor, the Section Content List content block allows you to display all the contents of a selected Section (whether Static or Dynamic) as an array of links.

As you add or remove content from the Section, the links update accordingly.


Managing Sections:

Sections are created and managed in the Manage Sections area of the Admin View. There is no limit to the number of sections you can have active, so feel free to organize your pages into clear, concise, commonly themed Sections. 




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