🎓 Lesson 1.3: Types of Content

Different situations require different solutions:


Notices are quick and simple, set to expire when no longer needed. There are two formats. The Notice Card format lets you add a title, subtitle, expiry date and a short description.


The Message Card format inserts your Lane Profile card in case someone needs to contact you.


The text and background can be customized, but the objective is to get that time sensitive information delivered as quickly and easily as possible.


Posts allow you to add images, video, links to people, teams, and other places within the Lane platform as well as external webpages. Posts can be interactive, which allow for people to sign up for events or promotions, pay for amenities and more.

Posts are created using a drag & drop Content Editor that features many different types of content blocks for a variety of purposes.


The Content Center is where you can create and manage both Posts and Notices.




Pages are Posts that don't expire. Using the same drag & drop Content Editor, Pages contain important information about your building, channel, team, and partners. You can use Pages to display building policies and procedures, create a form that captures information for maintenance requests or room bookings, and set up a payment integration that allows members to pay for parking or sign up for a promotion.



The Page Center in the Admin View is where you can create and manage Pages.



Pages can be added to Sections that let you group and manage how they are displayed in Lane. There are two types of Sections. You can add Pages to a Static Section manually, or set up a Dynamic Section that looks for Pages that meet the Tag and Filter criteria that you set up.

Sections are managed in the Sections area of the Admin View:



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