🎓 Lesson 1.2: Adding and Removing Users

Inviting people to your digital workplace is a great way to power your workplace experience and build a community of engaged team members!

Here is a breakdown of the default teams within Lane: 

  • Admin: At the top of the permissions chain, Admins have access to manage everything within your workplace. 
  • Workplace Admin: The Workplace Admin has full control over the content engagement aspects of Lane. This includes everything from posting time sensitive notices to keeping the Tenant Handbook up to date. This role is perfect for team members who administer your workplace on a daily basis. 
  • Retail Manager: Buildings that feature retail shops can invite individual retailers to join their workplace. This is a great way to give team members timely information about discounts and promotions available nearby, and the Lane app can even facilitate payments. 
  • Workplace Member: Also known as End User. These are the amazing people who work and interact in your building. This user can access key information about the building, companies, retailers and amenities through the content created by the Workplace Admin and Retail Managers.

Additional teams can be created to manage additional needs of the workplace, such as Maintenance, Parking, Security and more.    


You can easily invite a member to your workplace team using the following steps:

  • Go to Team Management: As an Admin or Workplace Admin, you have the ability to control the user accounts that have access to your workplace. By default, there are four teams: Admin, Workplace Admin, Retail Manager and Workplace Member.
  • Choose a Team: This determines the level of access the new team member will have. Team_Management.png

  • Invite:  To invite a new user, click on the Invite button. Enter their name and email to send an invitation. 
  • Sign Up:  The team member will then receive an email to accept and sign up to the invitation to your workplace, with the access level you assign.    
  • Adding an Existing User: The Add User button lets you find a user who has already signed up, and add them to an additional Building, Channel or sub-channel.
  • Bulk Invite: If you need to add multiple users, you can use the Bulk Invite button. Click on Add Invite to create additional rows as needed, or create a CSV file in the format "name, email" and upload the file using the Upload CSV button. bulk_invite.png
  • Removing Users: To remove a user, find their name under Team Management and click on the red remove icon.

If you have gone through these steps and have questions, feel free to reach out to our Support Team: support@joinlane.com. We happily stand by to lend a hand!

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