🎓 Lesson 2.3: Building Content

Creating interesting content regularly is the best way to keep your teams engaged in your workplace.

The Content Builder is a four step workflow that is used when creating Posts, Pages, Templates and more. (Notices use a three step workflow since it only supports text) 


  • Content Center: To create a new Post, open the Content Center under the Content heading in the right-hand side navigation of your Admin View.

    (To create a Page or Template, go to the Page Center and Template Center respectively).

  • New Post: Click on New Post in the top right to start building content.

    You will see the option to select an available template. Since we are going to build a new Post from scratch, click on Skip. 

  • Info: The Info step builds the thumbnail preview that tenants see before clicking on your post. You will want to make this as engaging as possible to encourage the tenant to click on it and interact further.
  • Generally, short and punchy titles & descriptions deliver better engagement results. An eye-catching image that is relevant to the topic adds to the effect. A guide to adding images can be found here.
  • Enter the following (or use your own examples): 
    • Title: Tim Hortons Giveaway
    • Description: Win a $25 Gift card
    • Background Image or Colour: Select an image of your choice
    • Category: Contest
    • Subtitle (Optional): Date
    • Thumbnail Card Layout: Hero

      Click on Save and Next to continue. 


  • Editor:
    • Drag & drop the various Content Blocks from the left to the center area to build the structure of your content.
    • Clicking on an inserted Content Block in the center, or on the Block Outline area on the right opens a details window for that block. The fields and options in the details window are different depending on the type of Content Block.     
    • Content Blocks have a number of different uses, which are described here.
    • Drag in the Hero block to create a bold header image, title and subtitle.
    • Drag in a Paragraph or Info block underneath to add more information about contest.
    • Drag in additional blocks as needed to build an engaging Post.

      Click on Save and Next to continue. 


  • Target:
    • Select the dates in the Calendar for when you would like the contest to be available. The Calendar does not appear when creating a Page or Template, since those do not expire.  
    • Select the Start Time and End Time for the contest in the time selector below the calendar. 
    • Choose the Channel and Teams you would like your contest visible to. You can select other workplace channels, retailers, or team members. The number of people your content will reach updates accordingly.

      Click on Save and Next to continue. 


  • Publish 
    • In the Publish stage, you can add Notifications that will send the targeted users an email, text or in-app push notification (based on their Notification settings) for this Post.


    • Click on Publish to make your contest live and viewable in the Lane app during the date and time set in the Target state. 


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