🎓 Lesson 1.1: Navigating The Admin View

The Lane Admin View is the command center for your entire workplace. 

Only team members with Workplace Administrative rights are able to access this area, and we recommend using a browser on a desktop environment.

You Can Find The Following In The Admin View:

Dashboard: Each channel on Lane has its own dashboard showing data such as the number of active users and details about their actions. The Parent dashboard pulls information from all its Location channels.CleanShot_2021-01-05_at_11.23.06.png


  • The Content Center is where you create, publish and manage Notices and Posts, which have a start and end date.
  • The Page Center is where you create more detailed content that does not expire.
  • The Template Library is where you manage different types of templates that make content creation quick and easy.
  • The Media Library stores logos, graphics and background images used to make your content more engaging.
  • The Filter & Tag Library is where you manage the tags and filters that make content creation simple and powerful.  CleanShot_2021-01-05_at_11.24.10.png

Sections: Sections are a great way to group related content together. There are two types of Sections:

  • Static Sections where content is chosen and added manually by the Workplace Admin
  • Dynamic Sections where content is added or removed automatically based on filters and tags.

As content is added or removed from a Section, the information shown in the Lane application updates accordingly. CleanShot_2021-01-05_at_11.24.22.png

Channel Settings: This area allows you to manage team members, tabs, channels, integrations and settings for your workplace. You can invite a new team member, manage your tenant list, update a payment account, and more. Channel Settings screenshot

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