🎓 Lesson 2.1: Adding Images and Video

Using highly engaging media in your content is a great way to boost interactions with the workplace members in your building

Adding Images

Images can be used to highlight and enhance your content. A picture is worth a thousand words, and adding the right picture can save you time and effort. Whether posting information about parking, maintenance, restaurant or retail, your users can quickly understand the context and read up on the details. A background image paired with a title and description looks classy, so we created the Hero content block that combines all three elements in an easy to use format. 

The Media Library is where you store your favourite images for use later. Upload your logos, photos, and other images for adding to the content you produce.

Although custom photos go a long way, here are some great sites for obtaining high-quality imagery:

Be sure to use the following image specifications in your content:


  • JPEG/JPG: This is the most common image format for digital images. These files tend to have more compression, thus reducing quality. Ensure the image you are uploading is sharp and in high definition.
  • PNG:Although not as compressed PNG images are data-rich and sharp. PNG images are highly recommended to create high quality and engaging content.

Adding Video

Adding videos to your content is easy. While there are lots of video hosting and streaming platforms out there, we use YouTube as the gold standard.

To embed a video, drag & drop the YouTube content block into your Post or Page. Copy and paste the ID number of the video into the YouTube Video ID field.

For example, the video at the top of this page has the following ID:

  • https://youtu.be/TpRYrg3Djdc


YouTube channels can be made private so the videos you use in Lane are not visible to the entire internet. Although if your video goes viral, our hats off to you!

Eye catching media paired with interesting and relevant content can help create an engaging workplace experience for the modern age.


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