How To: Build a Page

A Page is a great way to share important information that does not change or expire. 

Pages can contain information about building amenities, workplace procedures, retail and restaurant profiles, and more! Using the no-code Lane Content Builder, creating Pages is a breeze.

To Build a Page:

  1. Page Center: To begin, navigate to the Page Center under the Content section of the Admin View


  2. New Page: Click on New Page to start creating your Page.
  3. Templates: If you have design Templates created, you can select a Template to use or click on Skip to create a Page without a Template. Templates predefine the look and layout of Posts and Pages.
  4. Info: The Info Card is the thumbnail preview that team members see before clicking on your page. In general, a catchy title & description paired with an eye-catching and relevant image delivers the best engagement. 
    • Enter a Title, Description and select a Background Image (or Background Color),
    • Optionally, select a Category and type of Subtitle (Expiry Date, None or Custom)
    • You can also set an icon, select a color for the icon, and select a logo in this step.
    • Choose a Card Layout for the thumbnail view: Hero, Horizontal or Standard.

      Click on Save, then Next to continue. 


  5. Editor: The Editor is where you design your Page by dragging and dropping Content Blocks from the menu on the left to the central Editor block. The Block Outline on the right shows the position and nesting details. 
    • The purpose and usage of each Content Block is described in more detail in the article What is each Content Block used for?

    • To collect information from the user, select the Interactive checkbox. A Submit button will appear in the central Editor block. Additional menu options will appear that allow you to control details about the Features, Data and Workflows.

      For more information, see the article How to use Interactive Content.

    • To include an integration, select the checkbox for Integration. A list of integrations will appear under the central Editor block for you to choose from.

      For a list of available Integrations, contact Support or your Customer Success Manager.


    • Click on Save, then Next to continue. 

  6. Publish: In the Publish stage, you can target the Page to only appear to selected teams or channels. The number of people the Page will reach updates accordingly.


  7. Click on Save then Publish to make this Page available to the targeted teams or channels. A Page does not expire, unlike a Post or Notice.

In order to make the Page visible to users, it must be added to a Tab, or to a Section. 

Should you have gone through all these steps and still be having issues, feel free to reach out to our Support Team:  We happily stand by to lend a hand! 

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