How To: Create a Notice

Notices are a great way to share quick and timely updates to team members in your workplace.

Inform your Workplaces about updates on elevator maintenance, weekly or daily promotions and more!

To Create a Notice:

  1. Content Center: To begin, navigate to the Content Center under the Content section of the Admin View.  


  2. New Notice: Click on New Notice to start drafting your Notice


  3. Layout: Choose a layout for your Notice. 
    • From the dropdown, select between a Notice Card Style or a Message Card Style. The Message Card style adds your User Profile in case users need to contact you.
    • Choose a Subtitle option. The default option for subtitle is the end date, which you will set in a later step.
    • You can customize the Background Color instead of the default white. The text color changes accordingly. Be sure to choose a color combination that has enough contrast between the text and the background.  


  4. Message: Click on the Title, Subtitle (if the Custom Subtitle option is selected) and Description fields to enter your message.

    Click on Save, then Next


  5. Targeting: The Targeting step makes sure your Notice reaches the right people within your workplace. 
    • On the Calendar, select the dates when you want your content to be visible.
    • Select the Start Time and End Time using the time selector below the Calendar. 
    • Choose who should see the Notice. You can select everyone in the current channel, other Channels, Teams or Sub Channels. The number of people your notice will reach updates accordingly. 

      Click on Save, then Next

  6. Publish: The Publish step is the final step. You can go back and edit the Draft and Targeting steps by clicking on Back or on any previous step.

    • Under Notifications, you will see a summary of when the targeted team members will be notified of your Notice.


    • Click on Save. This will set your notice live and viewable in-app between the Start and End times.

Should you have gone through all these steps and still be having issues, feel free to reach out to our Support Team:  We happily stand by to lend a hand! 

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