How to: Types of Interactive Content Blocks

Interactive Content Blocks can be used in a variety of ways to build engaging content. Let's explore how they work!


Number of Entries

Invite Guests


QR Code Scanning


Time Reset

Social Options


Submit on Behalf of

Time Availability

Include Company


The Cancelling feature allows the Team Member to cancel a previously submitted interaction. 

Compatible with: Most interactive content such as inviting guests or making payments.

Example: A Guest Invitation feature that requires the Team Member to indicate the number of guests they are bringing. The Team Member may cancel the original request and make a new one with updated numbers.


Number of Entries

The Number of Entries feature controls how many times a Team Member can submit an entry on this interactive content.

Compatible with: Time Reset, Cancelling, Payment, QR Code, Statuses, Include Company, 

Example: When signing up for a contest, a Team Member may only submit one entry at a time. This setting may reset every day or once a week depending on the related Time Reset setting.


Invite Guests

Invite Guests

The Invite Guests feature allows a Team Member to invite one or more guests to an event or booking reservation.

Compatible with: Payment, Quantity, Cancelling, Number of Entries

Example: If paying for tickets to an event or room booking, the Team Member can add Guests and pay the combined amount.



The Payment feature allows the Team Member to pay for a ticket, booking or reservation. The User must have a Payment Account set up in their Profile, and the Channel this originates from must have a Merchant Account set up to accept payments.

Compatible with: Quantity, Cancelling, Number of Entries  

Example: When purchasing a ticket for an event, the Team Member may chose the number of tickets and make a payment through their Payment Account.


QR Code Scanning

The QR Code Scanning feature creates different QR Codes for different statuses, that can be scanned on a mobile device.

Compatible with: Statuses, Payment  

Example: the QR Code created can function as a receipt and proof of purchase/entry.



The Quantity feature limits the number of available units a Team Member can reserve or purchase.

Compatible with: Invite Guests, Payment, Number of Entries

Example: When booking tickets, a Team Member may only reserve or purchase up the maximum quantity set by this feature.


Time Reset

The Time Reset feature controls how long an interactive piece of content is valid before it resets. 

Compatible with: Quantity, Payment

Example: If there is a total quantity of 100 seats available for booking, the Time Reset set to Daily would reset every day back to 100 seats available.


Social Options

The Social Options feature creates a shareable link to the interactive content.

Compatible with: All Content Blocks 

Example: When this option is selected, a “Share” button will appear which Team Members can use to link to that specific piece of content.



The Status Feature is extremely powerful when combined with Workflows. Various Teams can be notified as the status of a submitted form changes. 

Compatible with: Cancelling, Invite Guests, Quantity, QR Code

Example: When submitting a form for a building maintenance request, Team Members can receive a notification as the status is created, approved, cancelled, modified, rejected, or completed.

Security Permissions allow you to control who can change from one status to another. If you have an approval process in place, then it should be a member of the admin

The options include:

  • All - Anyone. Use this option for End User Check-in/out.

  • GroupRole - A specific Group (Team).

  • Owner - the admin user who created this content item.

  • Creator - the admin user who created this content item or the last person who updated it.

  • Source - anyone in the channel where the content item was created who has more than a Workplace Member role.

  • Channel - anyone in this specific channel with more than a Workplace Member role.


Submit on Behalf of

This feature allows Team Members to submit on behalf of other Team Members on the same Channel.

Compatible with: Any content that is interactive. 

Example: On a Guest Registration form, a Workplace Admin may submit a Guest Registration form on behalf of a Team Member. The guest information in the form is linked to Team Member they are visiting.


Time Availability

This feature allows the interactive content to be visible to Team Members during the specified time frame each day. 

Compatible with: Cancelling, Number of Entries, Quantity, Time Reset, Statuses

Example: Guest Reservations may only apply during weekdays during the 9-5 workday. Guests may not be allowed at other times, so the form will not appear.


Include Company

This will include information about a related Company Channel whenever a user interacts with content. You can also specify the permissions that a user needs to have on that Company channel to view and interact with the content.

Compatible with: All interactive content blocks. Recommended when building any interactive content to identify which Channel the Team Member is coming from. 

Example: For a Locker rental page, you can restrict access to the lockers to only members of a specific group instead of an entire building.


If you need help building interactive content, feel free to reach out to our Support Team: We are happy to lend a hand! 

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