How to: View Your Transaction Receipts

When you make a booking or a purchase, we store a receipt of all of your interactions in the Transactions tab. 

On Desktop

Click on the Profile icon and then go to the Transactions tab. Your open transactions are listed here. Click on a transaction to view the details, display the scannable QR code, and add it to your calendar.


On Mobile

In the Mobile app, access your profile in the bottom right corner of the mobile app.


List of Interactions

Depending on the design of the channel, your interactions may also appear as a list in the Member's View.

  • Only interactions that have an Open (Created, Accepted, Approved, Assigned, Confirmed) or null (no set) status will appear.
  • Interactions that have a Closed (Complete, Declined, Rejected, Deleted, Failed) or Cancelled status will not appear in this feed. 


The full list of all your interactions can be viewed in the Transactions list described above.

If you have questions about transactions and receipts, feel free to reach out to our Support Team:  We happily stand by to lend a hand! 

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