How to: Manage Teams

Managing Team Members

The Lane platform offers multiple ways to add and manage new members in a team.

Invite a single member

To invite a new member:

  1. Go to Team Management in the Admin View
  2. Select the team where you want to add the member
  3. Click on the Invite button. 
  4. Fill in the full name and email address of the new member. You can also add them to a tenant channel at the same time.
  5. Click on Send to email the invitation to the new member. They will receive the invitation with a link to join the channel and team.

Add an Existing Member

The Add User function allows you to search for an existing member, either in another team in the same channel, or in another channel where you are an admin. 

The Add User function does not send an email invitation. The member will see the new channel or team the next time they log in. 

Bulk Invite Members

There are two Bulk Invite methods. 

First, select a Team under Team Management and the Bulk Invite button appears.



Invite by adding rows

Click on the Add Invite button to add a row for every person you wish to invite. 

Enter their full name and email address and click on Send to email the invitation to join the team.


Upload a spreadsheet

Rather than copying and pasting in names and email addresses, you can instead upload a spreadsheet in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format. This is a good option when working with large numbers of people, and every spreadsheet software has the option to save or export in CSV format.

  1. Create the CSV file: In a text editor or spreadsheet software, fill out the attached CSV (Download Here) with the names and email addresses of the users you want to bulk invite. Save the file as .csv. Do not include commas in the fields.


  2. Upload CSV: Click on Upload CSV and browse to the CSV file. The list of new users will auto-populate.
  3. Send Invitation: Click on Send to invite all of the users by email to the Team you selected. 

Remove a Member

  • To remove a member, find their name in the team and click on the checkbox next to it, then click on Remove.

  • Invitations can be resent using the checkboxes and the Send Invite button.

  • Select multiple members and click on Export to CSV to download a spreadsheet of team members.


If you have gone through these steps and have questions, feel free to reach out to our Support Team: We happily stand by to lend a hand!

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