How to: Invite Multiple Team Members

Bulk Invitations

Bulk Invitations are a great way to quickly add new team members to your workplace. 

Bulk invitations

Using the attached CSV template and these simple steps, you will be able to add new team members with ease.

  • Team Management: In the Admin View, go to Team Management and click on the Team the new members will be added to.
  • Invite: Click on Bulk Invite in the top right.


  • Create the CSV file: In a text editor or spreadsheet software, fill out the attached CSV (Download Here) with the names and email addresses of the users you want to bulk invite. Save the file as .csv. Do not include commas in the Name fields.


  • Upload CSV: Click on Upload CSV and select the CSV file. The list of new users will auto-populate.

  • Send Invitation: Click on Send to invite all of the users by email to the Team you selected. 


If you have gone through these steps and have questions, feel free to reach out to our Support Team: We happily stand by to lend a hand!

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