How To: Update Your Lane Mobile App

Keeping your Lane Mobile App updated is key to ensuring you remain connected to your workplace.

Desktop browser

If you log into Lane on a desktop browser you are always using the most up to date version of Lane so there is no need to update anything.

Mobile App

For the mobile app version, most devices will automatically update when a new version is released.

Some devices, due to security or other settings might not automatically update, the quickest way, in this case, to get the most current version is to delete your existing Lane app and download the latest version from the iPhone app store or Google Play Store. The version you download will be the most up to date version.

What version is my app? 

To find what version you are currently using on your phone, open the Lane app, click into Settings then Account Settings, scroll to the bottom and you will see something like v.55.55.0 which is your current app version number.

CleanShot_2020-11-23_at_15.44.40.pngFrom Your Mobile Device (iOS + Android):


  • Delete: To begin, delete the copy of the Lane app installed on your mobile device. 


  • Install: Head over to the App Store or Play Store to obtain a fresh copy of the Lane app.


  • Login: Once installed, sign in to the app, and voila you are on the latest version! 🎉



Should you have gone through all these steps and still be having issues, feel free to reach out to our Support Team:  We happily stand by to lend a hand! 

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