How To: Display the Contents of a Section


What are Sections?

Sections are "folders" that allow you to group content together.

For example, you may have a have a section that groups all meeting room pages together, or a section that contains all the building policies and procedures. 


Displaying Sections

The contents of a section can be displayed as a single link or as a list of Info Cards. 

  • Section: This Content Block shows a single, selected Section. When a member clicks on the Info card, they see a list of the pages within that section.

    Example: The Meeting Rooms section is displayed as a Pin on the page. Clicking on the pin takes you to a page that lists the contents of the Section, in this case, five Meeting Rooms. 
  • Section Content List: This Content Block allows you to display all the content items in a Section as a list. The member does not have to click on a link to view the contents.

    Example: the Meeting Rooms section shown below lists all five available meeting rooms with a filter for the number of seats and the amenities in each room:
  • Interactions on Section List: This content block shows a list of interaction receipts on content items within a Section.

    Example: A user may reserve one or more Meeting Rooms for different times in the future. The Interactions on Section List content block shows the user their personal list of upcoming reservations for all the meeting rooms in that section:

Managing Sections

The Manage Sections area in the Admin View lets you create and manage the Sections in your channel. There is no limit to the number of sections you can have active, so feel free to organize your content into clear, concise, commonly themed sections. 


Creating Sections

To create a new Section:

  1. In the Admin View, go to Manage Sections.
  2. Click on New Section:

  3. Section Information:
    1. Enter a Section Title and (optional) Description
    2. Choose a Section Type. There are two different types of sections:
      • Manual (Pages only): Gives you the ability to manually Pages to the Section.
      • Dynamic: Automatically adds Posts and Pages to the Section based on the chosen Content Category.

    3. Optionally, set a Background Color, Icon Color, Icon, Logo, Background image, and Tags. These help organize the look and feel of the Section in the Admin View.
    4. Click on Create, then Save. The new section appears in the list of Sections, above Manage Sections.

Adding Pages to a Manual Section

  • Add Page: Go to the Section you want to add Pages to. Click on Add Page in the top right.


  • Search: The Page Center appears showing you the published Pages in your channel.
    • Click on the Page you want to add to the Section.
    • Click on Confirm to confirm your selection. 


Removing Pages from a Manual Section

  • To remove a Page from a Section, click on the red X next to the Page tile.
  • To change the properties of the Section, click on Edit Section.


Adding Content to a Dynamic Section

A Dynamic section automatically adds content that meets the criteria and filters you set.

  • Content Categories: Select one or more categories to add to the section.
  • Include all Channels: Monitor all the channels you are an Admin of.
  • Content Types: What types of content to include: Pages, Posts, Perks.


Why can't Posts be added to Manual Sections?

Sections are only useful when they contain content. Since Posts, Perks, Promotions, and Notices by definition have an expiry date. Sections only show "live" content items, so eventually the section will end up empty unless you remember to keep adding content manually.

With a Dynamic sections, the platform is always looking for new content that matches the category type, so as long as you are creating lots of content of that type, it is less likely to become empty.


In addition, there are other options for displaying Notices, Posts and similar in a channel:

  • Use a User Notices Feed to display Notices
  • Use a Content Feed to display Posts



If you have gone through these steps and have questions, feel free to reach out to our Support Team: We happily stand by to lend a hand!

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