How To: Make Payments

What is the Wallet?

The Wallet is where you can store details for a payment card to use when making a purchase in the platform. All major credit cards are accepted.

When do I make a payment?

Depending on the channel and content, you may choose to make a payment to purchase an item or ticket, or reserve a room or amenity.


If a payment is required, the Submit button is replaced with a Purchase button.

How do I add a payment card?

To add a payment card:

  1. Login to the platform on either the desktop or the mobile app.
  2. Go to Profile and click on Wallet.
  3. Click on Add a new card and follow the instructions to enter your credit card details.


Are my payments secure?

Absolutely, we use the Stripe payment platform to ensure the highest level of security and safety. Your card details are stored and sent encrypted and we never share the payment details with external parties.




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