🎉 5.12.4: Menu Updates, New Colour Picker, & Email Notification Updates

New Features & Updates

  • Added ‘Description’ for ‘options’ within the Menu feature.
  • Added currency conversion for currency inputs (replaced adding currency in cents. ie: $1.00 = 100)
  • Added a new simplified color picker (Old version is still accessible through this one)
  • Added a friendly error for ‘email already in use’ on adding a new email to the profile
  • Improvements to time zone handling for notifications: Email notifications display time in the correct time zone. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed text color on buttons - text on buttons no longer blending with the background color. 
  • Back end performance improvements
  • Fixed email error messages (removing unfriendly errors)
  • Auto-populated times in email notifications display the proper time zone for the content. 
  • Content targeting: resolved an error allowing a user to set an end date that is earlier than the start date. 
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