How To: Update Your Contact Details

Why update your contact details?

Keeping your contact details up to date in your Profile is helpful because:

  • It allows Workplace Admins to contact you regarding purchases, registrations, promotions and other interactions that you signed up for.
  • It allows you the option to receive text notifications in addition to email and in-app notifications.

You can configure your notification settings to send (or not send) text notifications by channel. Lane will never share your contact information with anyone outside the Lane platform.

On mobile

  1. Profile: Click on the Profile tab within the bottom right corner of the app:
  2. Account Settings: Click on Account Settings, and click the pencil at the top right to edit your profile.
  3. Add new Phone Number:  Click on Add new Phone Number:
  4. Submit: Click on Submit to save the changes. You may be asked to verify your phone number via text message.

On a desktop browser

  1. Profile: Click on the Profile icon at the top right of the desktop view.
  2. Phone Number: Enter or update your phone number.
  3. Save: Click on Save. You may be asked to verify your phone number via a text message.


See also:

If you have any questions regarding adding your phone number, feel free to reach out to our Support Team:  We are happy to help! 

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