🎉 5.10.0: Info Card, Quantity, Reservable, & Can't Find My Company

New Features and Updates

  • We made improvements and tweaks to the Info step and ‘Standard’ card layout type in content builder. Here is what we’ve updated:
    • New character limits: Forty-four (44) for Header, thirty four (34) for Subtitle, thirty four (34) for date and time
    • Choose background option
    • Subtitle and date and time both now optional
  • We’ve added a ‘Quantity’ option within the ‘Reservable’ feature. This means multiple workplace members are now able to reserve a single item (service, space). 
  • You can now switch your Lane app to French. Find the option in your Account Settings! 
  • There are improvements to the layout and user experience within content features and time picker tools in the content center.
  • There has been an option added to the ‘Content’ container in the content builder to help define the width of the container for webapp, improving layout responsiveness for the web.
  • Updated ‘can’t find my company’ on signup and workplace member feedback forms so it’s consistent across the mobile and web experience. 

Bug Fixes

  • Our team resolved a pesky bug that was preventing workplace admins from updating channel (property/retailer) profiles. 
  • Our Integrations have improved stability and performance - Safetrust, Newsstand, Proxyclick and Essensys.
  • We also fixed an error occurring for some workplace admin users, preventing targeting of a page to a specific channel.
  • Some notices were crashing on open for iOS mobile app users, we’ve resolved this bug.
  • Others were experiencing a bug that was causing mobile apps to crash on opening SMS notifications, that’s also been fixed! 
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