🎉 5.8.13 - 5.8.14: New look, Improved Reservable & Company Payment

New Features and Updates

  • We’ve updated our look and feel with new buttons, toggles, switches and links. 
  • Improvements to the ‘Reservable’ function now allow it to automatically pre-select the first available time by default. 
  • Workflows have been introduced, allowing content creators to be notified of submissions to interactive posts/pages. 
  • User profiles now display that user’s email.
  • Feature added allowing users to manage companies tied to their workplace.
  • Payment methods can now be added to a company. (ie: use of a company credit card)


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with the ‘Time Availability’ feature, preventing times from being adjusted or saved, in editor.
  • Multiple notification emails were being sent when a status on a workflow was changed. Resolved to send a single notification. 
  • Newly created teams were not visible on the Team Management page.
  • Added missing ‘back’ arrow on sections within the work tab on mobile. 
  • Newly created Tabs can now be ordered in any custom way.
  • Fixed incorrect dates being shown on interaction receipts.
  • ‘Quantity’ feature fixed to display correct quantity on card in web and mobile views.
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