🎉 5.3.5: Notification Redirects, Terms and Conditions, & Proxy Click


New Features

  • Clicking any link from an email notification or from a web page that points to content within Lane, will now open that content inside the Lane mobile app.
  • Improvements made to how Terms and Conditions are surfaced on the Lane Web App and Mobile app. Custom T&C, EULA and Privacy Policy links can be added per white label.
  • For accounts making use of the ProxyClick integration for visitor management, additional improvements have been made to notification timing and reliability and accuracy of linked information particularly dates shown in the notification.

Bug Fixes

  • Previous to this fix, interactions or purchases in the ‘Things Coming Up’ tray would not be removed or replaced based on the post’s “Time Reset”. As of the fix, if the Reset Period is reached, the interaction will no longer be shown in the ‘Things Coming Up’ tray of the ‘Home’ tab. All past interactions can be found in the ‘Transactions’ menu of the ‘Profile’ tab on mobile and web.
  • Previous to this fix, if a new Service/Amenity Center page was created but not targeted, it would not be shown in the service and amenity center as a draft or published item. As of the fix, untargeted Service/Amenity Center post do not disappear and can be edited or targeted at a later date.
  • Fixed intermittent stability issues and possible crashing with LiveSafe integration on iOS devices.
  • Fixed an issue causing the ‘Content Block’ in the content builder (Admin Portal) to crash
  • Resolved delay time between submitting work order and receiving confirmation.
  • Optimized screen display for Angus integration on Android devices.
  • Changing buildings does not allow you to pick the floors you may have access to.
  • Fixed an issue with toggling between retailer types on mobile app.
  • Resolved an issue with ProxyClick integration where checkout notification was appearing repeatedly.
  • Implemented fix ensuing Interactions are tracked correctly.
  • Resolved issue causing transaction rates to be rounded after saving
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