How To: Switch Between Public and Private Profiles

What is a Profile?

Your Profile contains information about you such as your name, picture, and contact information that can be seen by workplace members.


What information is made public?

By setting your profile to public, other members of your workplace will be able to view basic information about your account. This includes your:

  • Profile picture
  • Name
  • Display Email
  • Display Phone Number
  • Channels where you are a member

:bulb:Note: Your Display Email and Display Phone Number can be the main office contact information, not your personal contact information.

Setting your profile private hides all of the above information.

What is the advantage of having a public profile?

Workplace Member: Having a public profile allows Workplace Admins to view this information when you submit information on an interactive content item such as a reservation, purchase, or survey response. This includes validating your contact details, subscriptions, and receipts.

Workplace Admin: The information in your public profile makes it easier for Workplace Members to contact you regarding the channels and content you are responsible for.

How do I switch between public and private?

On the mobile app

  1. Go to the Profile tab and click on Account Settings:
  2. Click on the Edit icon
  3. Enter the information you want to share and click on Make your profile public?
  4. Checkmarks will appear next to the fields that will be made public:
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click on Save:

On a desktop browser

  1.  Click on the Profile icon:Profile_desktop.png
  2. Enter the information you want to share and click on Make your profile public?Public_profile_desktop.png
  3. Click on Save.

You can click on See my public profile on either the mobile app or on a desktop browser to see how your information is viewed by other members of your workplace.


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If you have any questions about Private and Public Profiles, feel free to reach out to our Support Team: We happily stand by to lend a hand!

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