Troubleshooting The Admin View

It can be frustrating when your Admin view is not loading correctly and in all situations, our friendly support team is here to help! 

Admin View Troubleshoot

Although issues are extremely rare, here are a few easy ways to troubleshoot your Admin View:

  • Account Reset: One of the first and most effective troubleshooting steps is to logout of your Lane account refresh the page and log back in. 
  • Browser: For the best results, use a modern and up to date browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  These are both supported by Mac OS and Windows devices.  Do note that Microsoft Internet Explorer is no longer being supported by Microsoft or Lane. You will not be able to access the app from that browser. 
  • Cache:  In the continuously connected online world we live in today, the hundreds of sites we browse are collecting large amounts of cookies, history, and cache.  Every so often it is best practice to clear your cookies and cache. | How To Clear Browser Cache
  • Restart: Sometimes there can be cache stored on your local computer causing an issue with the app.  The best way to clear this is by closing all applications and giving your computer a fresh restart. 
  • Blockers: Certain VPN's, AD-Block, Antivirus, and other security software can cause certain aspects of the Admin View to function incorrectly.  If you are using any type of blocker, deactivate them and attempt to access it once again.
  • Extensions: In some cases, some browser add-ons and extensions can affect the Admin view performance.  To troubleshoot this, simply open a private or incognito window and attempt accessing the app. 

Should you have gone through all these steps and still be having issues, feel free to reach out to our Support Team:  We happily stand by to lend a hand! 

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