How to: Create Interactive Content

Interactive Content is a great way to provide tenants with easy to use functionality that ranges from resource and amenities booking, promotional discounts, visitor and parking management, and more.


You can easily add Interactive Content to posts and pages with these simple steps: 

  • Content Editor: Start by creating a Post or Page in the Content Editor.
  • Click on the Interactive checkbox. This will activate all of the available Interactive features for your content.


  • Feature Activation: Once you've made your content interactive switch over to the Features section to begin adding Interactive features to your page or post.
  • In the Menu example below, the following features have been enabled:
    • Quantity: allows the user to set the number of reservations needed
    • Time Reset: makes the content reset on the set time (in this case, table reservations reset every day)
    • Social Options: allows the reservation to be shared on social media
    • Company: includes information about the Company channel related to the user. You can also specify permissions that user needs to have on that Company channel to interact with this.
    • Cancelling: allows the user to cancel a reservation or interaction.

  • Interactive Block:  Once you have configured the Interactive Features as needed, it will then appear in the Appearance tab of the Editor where it can be dragged & dropped into the canvas as a custom block.

    Note: not all Interactive Features will require a block to be placed on your content. 

  • Submit: You'll know you've added an Interactive Feature when you see the ability to Submit.  This means you no longer have a static page or post, but Interactive Content that can accept user input. 


With Interactive Content the possibilities of what you can create become endless!  That's why the Lane Support team is happy to offer a hand along the way.  Get in touch with us today:

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