How To: Switch Between Member & Admin View

What is the Admin View?

  • The Member View is how everyone experiences the Lane app. As a member of one or more channels, you can view content, interact with events, promotions, surveys, and much more through the many integration partners of Lane.

  • The Admin View is the command center for the Lane platform. If you are a member of an administrative team on Lane, you can use the Admin View to create content, review and manage interactions, and invite new team members to your channel.


💡 Note: Only users who are members of the Admin and Workplace Admin teams have access to the Admin View. If you need access, contact the Lane Administrator in your organization.

On a desktop browser

  1. Channel Selector: The Channel Selector shows the active channel in the top right corner of the browser window:  
  2. Open the Channel Selector: Click on the down arrow, or select the name of the active channel to reveal the Channel Selector. From there you will see all the channels where you are a member.
  3. Select an Active Channel: The Switch To Admin View appears at the bottom of the Channel Selector menu if you are a member of an Admin team for that channel.  
  4. Switch to Admin: Click on Switch to Admin View to go to the Admin Dashboard for that channel:

On mobile

The mobile app offers limited access to the Admin View. Content creation and most other administrative tasks are best done on the desktop browser. However, you can switch to Admin View on the mobile app in order to view and manage the status of interactions:


  1. Profile:  Go to the Profile tab from the bottom right of the mobile app. 
  2. Switch: Click on Switch. This will open the channel selector menu showing the same channels you are a member of as on the desktop.
  3. Locate Channel:  Find the channel you would like to switch to by scrolling through the list or using the built-in search. Channels where you are a member of an Admin team and that have mobile admin access permissions turned on will have an Admin button next to the name of the channel.
  4. Admin: Click on the Admin button to access the Mobile Admin View for that channel. 


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If you have any questions about the Member or Admin Views, feel free to reach out to our Support Team: We happily stand by to lend a hand!

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