How To: Join Lane

What is Lane?

Lane is a tenant engagement platform for property managers, office workers and everyone in between. If you work in a building or for a company that uses Lane, you can download and sign up for free and use the app for information about events, surveys, promotions, and stay up to date about maintenance, health & safety issues and more!  

How do I join Lane?

There are two ways to join Lane:

  • You may receive an email invitation to sign up and join a team on a specific channel, or,
  • You can sign up and join as a Member of any public channel.

How do I access Lane? 

On mobile: Download the Lane app for free on your mobile device:

On desktop: Go to the Lane login page and click on Sign Up to create an account.

How do I log in?

  • Authentication: If your workplace uses Single Sign On (SSO), choose the appropriate authentication method, Google or Microsoft, otherwise click on Continue with email.
  • Credentials: Enter your full name, email address, and a password for your new Lane account. 
  • Company: Choose the company where you work:
    If you can't find your company, or if you don't work for a company in the building, click on "I can't find my company" and choose the building where you work instead.
  • Building: Select the Building that you are in. You can still sign up for a Lane account if you are active in a building but do not work for a company located in the building.
  • Sign in: Once you have selected your building location you will be able to sign in via the mobile app or on a desktop browser by going to
  • Verify: Remember to verify your email address by clicking on Verify Email in the email sent from Lane:

Got questions? Get in touch with our Support team. We will help you get signed up. 

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