How To Add A New Tenant?

Keeping your in-app tenant list is vital to ensure all members in your workplace are engaging with your app. 


You can add a new tenant by following these simple steps:

  • Tenant Management: Within tenant management, you will see a complete breakdown of all the tenants within your workplace. (Retail, Restaurant, Service, Entertainment, Organization, Charity).
  • Add Tenant: To add a new tenant click on the type of tenant you'd like to input and select add. You will see a list of all the available tenants to add to your workplace. To locate a tenant use the search box at the top, and double click to select and add a tenant. 
  • Contact Us:  Can't find the tenant you are looking for?  Get in touch with the Lane Support team to have your tenant list updated.  It is important to keep your tenant list up to date, keeping all stakeholders within your workplace connected. 

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