What Are Channel Profiles?

A Channel Profile is a great way to deliver useful information on your Building, Workplace, Company, and Retailer!

Although there is no limitation to what you can include in your Channel Profile, here are a few things you can include:

  • Building or Workplace Information:  Channel Profiles are a great place to showcase general building information, From key contacts on the property team to phone numbers, and even a summary of the available services and amenities. Think of this as the 'About Us' page for your building.
  • Company Profile: A great way to display company information is by setting up a Channel Profile.  You can highlight information about your company, a breakdown of an executive team, and key contact information.  
  • Retail Showcase: Channel Profiles can be very impactful for retail tenants!  You will have the ability to share information on the retailer, offer links to promotions, and even take orders through Lane's powerful e-commerce. 

Channel Profiles use Lane's powerful builder, giving you the flexibility to create a custom and engaging profile experience.  

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