How to: Manage Channel Profiles

Channel Profiles

What is a Channel Profile?

A Channel Profile is a great way to deliver useful information about your Property, Workplace, Company, or Retail business!

What goes in a Channel Profile?

While there are no rules as to what you can include in your Channel Profile, here are a few things you can include:

  • Building or Workplace Information: Channel Profiles are a great place to showcase general building information such as key contacts on the property team and a summary of the available services and amenities. Think of this as the "About Us" page for your building.
  • Company Profile: A great way to display company information is by setting up a Channel Profile. You can highlight information about your company, a breakdown of an executive team, and key contact information.
  • Retail Showcase: Channel Profiles can be very impactful for retail tenants! You will have the ability to share information on the retailer, offer links to promotions, and even take orders through Lane's powerful e-commerce. 

How to Create a Channel Profile

Channel Profiles use Lane's powerful builder, giving you the flexibility to create a custom and engaging profile experience. 


  1. First, you'll need to have a Page created that you'll set as the Channel Profile. Within the page, you can have information such as: Introduction to the building, address, contact information, operating hours, etc. Click here for more information on creating a page.
  2. Once you have your Channel Profile page created,
    1. From the Admin view, click on the Channel Profile tab under the Channel Settings section
    2. Click on the Search icon
    3. Search for and select your Channel Profile Page
    4. Click on Save.

Note: From the member's view, clicking on the building or company logo will take you to the Channel Profile page.


How to Edit a Channel Profile

If you need to update or change your Channel Profile page, there are two easy ways to do this: Edit your existing Channel Profile page or Replace the Channel Profile Page.

  1. Edit an existing Channel Profile Page:
    1. From the Admin View, go to the Page Center
    2. Search for the Channel Profile Page, usually named {Channel Name} Profile 
    3. Edit the Page as needed
    4. Click on Save, then Publish. The edits will then be reflected on your Channel Profile page. 
  2. Replace the existing Channel Profile page:
    1. From the Admin view, click on the Channel Profile tab under the Channel Settings section
    2. Click on the red X icon to remove the current page
    3. Click on the Search icon
    4. Search and select your new Channel Profile Page
    5. Click on Save.



If you have gone through these steps and have questions, feel free to reach out to our Support Team: We happily stand by to lend a hand!

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