🎉 5.6.0: Availability, Cancelling, Add To Calendar, & Safe Trust


New Features and Updates

  • The ‘Availability’ feature on interactive content has been expanded to include the ability to limit time availability for specific teams (ie: Only allow subscribers access to this feature/service between certain hours). 
  • The ‘Cancelling’ feature allows a user to cancel their submission on interactive content. (ie: a user can sign up for an event, then subsequently cancel). New improvements allow the cancellation feature to be made available to only certain user groups.
  • Subscribers can now add any events booked in Lane to their external calendar as well. 
  • It’s now possible to list a directory of members of a certain channel. In channels where this directory is shown, subscribers can opt out of appearing in that directory. 
  • Properties that currently use SafeTrust’s services can now access that functionality via Lane! 🎉
  • We’ve also made a lot of optimizations across the platform for speed and usability. 


Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue that was causing menus on some mobile devices to disappear.
    Resolved error causing app to crash when purchasing perks.
  • There was an error causing targeted Service and Amenity pages to show to all subscribers. We’ve fixed it so this no longer happens.
  • We resolved a pesky bug that was causing transaction rates to be rounded. 
  • We fixed a number of layout issues with Content blocks, Menus and the Content feed block within the Content Builder.
  • We’ve made improvements to the layout of analytics dashboards, mobile app pages and content builder blocks. 
  • We resolved errors with submitting interactive content.  
  • You can now process payments in USD currency. Merchant accounts now support for USD currency.
  • We pushed some fixes to the content editor including drag & drop functionality improvements, start/end date optimization in the Targeting step and stability improvements. 
  • We fixed layout issues for email notifications so they look better than before.
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