🎉 5.3.10: Retail Templates, Primary Login, & Mobile Subscriptions


New Features

  • It's now possible to template your favorite retail promotions. 
  • It's now possible to change the primary login email on your profile tab. 
  • You could subscribe to a company channel on the mobile app. Now you can do the same on the web app. 

Bug Fixes

  • A bug with the calendar's date picker was preventing any content from being posted, resulting in missed posts and major headaches. Resolved as of 5.3.10.
  • Moving a row container using the arrows (instead of dragging & dropping) in the content builder, was causing a crash in the desktop app, in some instances. 
  • Improvements to stability of LiveSafe integration in the mobile app. 
  • Using and updating a template to create a post, saved those changes to the original template. 
  • Adding a new login email on the 'profile' tab was not showing the newly added email until the app was restarted.
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