🎉 5.2.8: Searching Icons, Cancel Submissions, & Receipts


New Features

  • Searching for icons when building in the Content Builder, now includes the ability to search for icons using keywords and a fuzzy search.
  • When a subscriber joins a channel, it’s now possible to have them automatically added to another channel, including private channels. This option is available on each channel “Settings” page. 
  • Admins can add the option for subscribers to cancel their submission in Interactive posts, found in the Features tab in the Content Builder editor.
  • If a user interacts with any post in Lane, a receipt is generated for the user to track their submission. The user’s name is now automatically added to the receipt as a default.

​​Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug that was preventing the drafts in the Service & Amenity Center from loading. You can now delete drafts.​
  • Clicking on a link in a content card opens a single-window/tab on the web and mobile, as expected. 
  • When creating Interactive content with a limited number of entries, it was not possible to reset the number of available entries based on time.  We’ve fixed this and you’ll find it in the ‘Time Reset’ feature.
  • It was once possible to skip the building selection step on signup, resulting in a loading screen on the home page of the app. 
  • We corrected a snag that prevented editing profile information on Android mobile apps. We also noticed it on the webview and fixed it there.
  • Some users couldn’t see their building guides in the webview. We’re sorry, we’ve fixed it.
  • Resolved error related to interactive posts, causing questions with a ‘Required’ validation to be submitted without providing an answer. ​
  • Some users were being presented with a permission error on attempting to access the drafts section in the content center of the admin portal. 
  • Fixed an error preventing choosing the ‘No’ option, using the ‘Yes/No’ toggle input in the content builder.
  • Optimized layouts for compatibility with iOS’ Dark Mode. 
  • ​Fixed error produced when selecting an icon for new Service & Amenity section
  • Optimized flow in switching between a Building and Company channel. Some users previously experienced lagging/intermittent crashing. 
  • A number of fixes implemented relating to permissions related to team management. 
  • Some users were seeing a ‘Not authorized’ error in the Promotions Center, despite having the correct permissions.
  • Fixed bug related to displaying promotions on the retail tab of the mobile app. 
  • ​Fixed bug related to subscribers opening promotions on the Retail tab of the mobile app. 
  • Bug fixed where months in date picker of the content center were duplicated and some missing. 
  • Fixed a bug where targeted channels in the content center were not appearing on the targeting page, despite being targeted correctly.
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