What is the Lane Builder?

The no-code Lane Builder is a big part of what makes the Lane workplace app so flexible and configurable.

The Lane Builder powers Notices, Posts, Pages, Templates and more! Here a brief overview of what you can build:

  • Streamlined Notices: For urgent updates, you can quickly create a Notice that appears to all users of your channel, or target specific teams or sub-channels. Make sure they see it by adding a Notification.
  • Customize Pages and Posts: Create custom layouts and add eye-catching images and video to create an engaging experience for members of your workplace.
  • Themes and Templates: Set colors and create themes that match your brand, and easily apply them when creating new content for a consistent look and feel without the effort. 
  • Interactive Content: Use interactive content blocks, workflows and notifications to create everything from a simple RSVP, a tenant survey, to resource booking, guest and parking registration, and beyond.  
  • Channel Profiles: Build custom profiles to highlight your retailers, companies, building amenities, and organizations with the Lane Builder.


Looking for some inspiration on what you can build, or need help with using the builder? Reach out to your friendly support team, we are happy to help!  support@joinlane.com

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