What is The Builder?

The Builder is apart of what makes Lane so flexible and configurable. 

The Lane Builder powers content, pages, profiles, perks, and more! Here a brief overview of what you can build:

  • Workplace Content: From a building notice to an interactive post, increasing engagement becomes easy with the Lane Builder. 
  • Pages: Create a custom layout and experience for members of your Workplace, by building custom app pages.
  • Perks, Menus & E-Commerce:  Foster new revenue streams, and build a streamlined retail experience with perks, menus, and e-commerce all powered by the Lane Builder.
  • Interactive Content: From a tenant survey to resource booking, guest registration, and beyond.  
  • Channel Profiles: Build custom profiles to highlight your retailers, companies, building amenities, and organizations with the Lane Builder.

Looking for some inspiration on what you can build, or need help with using the builder? Reach out to your friendly support team, we are happy to help!  support@joinlane.com

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