How To Assign Permissions?

Assigning permissions is vital to the security of your workplace experience app.

**Note the default user types have changed to the following: Workplace Member, Workplace Admin, Retail Manager, and Admin**

Once your team is set up, it's easy to assign permissions following these simple steps:

From The Admin View

  • Team Management: Within your channel settings, go ahead and click on Team Management. From there, you will see a breakdown of all of the team within your workplace. 
  • Select Team: You can either create a new custom team fitting to your workplace (ex. Concierge, Security Team) or use one of the available default teams. 
  • Edit:  Click on the green icon to edit the team permissions.  It is best practice to NOT edit any of the default teams, this includes Workplace Member, Workplace Admin, Retail Manager, and Admin. To set assign permissions, you want to select the green icon. 
  • Chose Permissions: Define the permissions you'd like to set for that specific user.  It is important to be careful here, as any incorrect changes to permissions can cause access issues on your account. 

Need and hand with permissions?  Reach out to your friendly support team, we are happy to help!

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