How To Update Your Contact Details?

Updating your contact information is a great way to ensure you remain connected to your workplace!


You can update your contact details with these simple steps: 

  • Profile Page: To begin, select the profile icon from the member's view.  This will redirect you to the profile page. 
  • Edit Profile Details: From the member's view, click on the field in which you'd like to edit.  Then, begin typing the updated information (Name, Email, Phone Number).

    On your mobile device, click on the Profile tab select Account Settings, and tap the pencil to edit.  From there, fill in your contact details and select save once completed.  
  • Updated Credentials: It's important to keep your contact details up to date, this ensures you are receiving all the latest updates and notifications for your workplace. If using multiple emails be sure to select the one you use most often as primary. 

  • Verification:  Once your phone number and email have been updated, be sure to verify your credentials to authorize your changes.  You can do so via the following instructions: How To Verify Email?

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