How to: Types of Content Blocks

The Lane Builder features different types of Content Blocks that can be used to create engaging and interactive content, all without any coding.

Combinations of content blocks can be used in different ways.



Content Feeds and Lists







Channels are a key building block in the Lane application. Types of Channels include Building, Company, Retail, Restaurant, Service and more. A user may belong to one or more Channels, and can easily switch channels to view information specific to a merchant, building or service.



The Channel content block creates a link to a specific channel, such as another Building, Retailer, or sub channel. The channel may be targeted so that only a specific team, tenant, channel or sub channel can see this content block. 



Channel Switcher

The Channel Switcher content block allows the user to choose from a list of channels of which they are a member.

  • Tip: Users also have the option to switch channels in the Profile tab.



Containers are used to group various types of content together. Content inside a container can be all of the same type or a combination of text, links, images, icons and more.


A Container is a simple way to group items together. Container settings allow for a background color or image, scrolling options depending on the number of items, horizontal or vertical padding to add space around and between items as well as alignment and justification options.


Row Container

A Row Container arranges content items in a row. After a certain number of items, a scroll bar appears allowing the user to scroll horizontally. You can add a background color to differentiate the container from the rest of the page.


Column Container

A Column Container arranges content in a column. This is useful for organizing a list of items such as Info Rows. You can also add a background color. 




In general, content blocks in this section links to other places in the Lane platform.



The Section content block allows you to insert an existing Static or Dynamic Section from the Sections area.


After selecting the section to display, various view options are available:



Section List

The Section List allows adding multiple sections from a channel. The list is hidden if no sections exist in the selected channel.



User Notices

The User Notices content block displays a list of all current Notices:




The Content content block links to a specific Page or Post.


Multiple Content content blocks can be placed inside a container, which allows the user to scroll and read through all posted content.


Content Feed

A Content Feed is similar to a Content Block, but shows an entire feed from a selected channel.

The type of content that can be shown from the Content Center are:

  • Notice
  • Post
  • Perk
  • Promotion

The Content Feed is similar to the User Today Feed but includes Perks and Promotions. Only one type of content can be shown in a Content Feed. 


The items displayed can be sorted by start or end date and time, and by Newest to Oldest or Oldest to Newest. If there are no current items of that type to show, the Content Feed can be automatically hidden.


User Today Feed

This content block displays all current Posts in a channel.

Current is defined as Posts a Start Date on or before today's date, and an End Date after today's date.


The User Today Feed may be displayed horizontally, vertically, sorted by start or end date, or by Newest/Oldest. This content block can be hidden when there are no items to be shown.


Section Content List

The Section Content List block displays all the pages within a selected section. As pages are added or removed from the section, they appear or disappear from view.


For example, a section may contain a list of meeting rooms, described in more detail using a page for each room. The Section Content List will update automatically as the pages are added or removed from the section.


Directory List

The Directory List displays all Tenants in the selected channel. Tenants may be listed as thumbnails or as a list, with the option to filter by type or add a search bar. Users who click on a Tenant's icon are linked to that Tenant's channel.



Interactions on Content List

The Interactions on Content List displays all user interactions on a specified interactive content. This is similar to Interactions on Section List but is specific to a content page in the Content Center.

  • Tip: This content block is helpful to other administrative users or teams. Targeting this content block to admin teams will make it not visible to end users.


Interactions may be sorted and shown by open or closed status, which can function as a task list when targeted to an appropriate team.


Interactions on Section List

The Interactions on Section List displays all user interactions on a specified interactive section. This is similar to Interactions on Content List but is specific to Sections.

Since sections may contain multiple Pages, this list groups and displays all interactions on multiple pages. 

  • Tip: This content block is helpful to other administrative users or teams. Targeting this content block to admin teams will make it not visible to end users. 

Interactions may be sorted and shown by open or closed status, which can function as a task list when targeted to an appropriate team.


User Interaction List

This content block shows the user a list of every interactive content that user has interacted with (i.e. clicked on Submit). The information shown includes the date and time of the interaction, as well as a unique QR code.

  • Tip: This page may be used as a confirmation of submission of information, or as proof of purchase.


The User Interactions list shows members their Open interactions, which include interactions that have the status Created, Accepted, Approved, Arrived, Assigned, and Confirmed. 

Closed interactions are the statuses Cancelled, Closed, Complete, Confirmed, Declined, Deleted, Failed, and Rejected. 


A Hero content block is a combination of a background image, a title and subtitle.


The title and subtitle appear on top of the background image and is a quick and easy method for inserting an eye-catching headline.




The Image Content Block inserts a single image and allows for a variety of view options to manage appearance, size, padding, and can be used to insert a link.




Youtube videos can be embedded to play within the Lane app using the YouTube Video ID, which are the unique characters after or

  • Example 1:
  • Example 2:



The Video content block allows .mp4 video links to appear embedded within the content. This can be used for Vimeo content which can be configured to provided a .mp4 link in the admin options.


Icons are a simple and easy way to show available amenities, and can be linked to additional information. You can adjust the size, colour, and header text of the icon.




Map allows the insertion of a geo location (map location of a particular address)



Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation can be custom specified by day of the week.




The Weather content block displays the current weather, in Celcius or Fahrenheit, based on the geo location of the building channel.


Link Row

Link Row is formatted specifically to allow for each row to link to an [external] website. Icons are optional.

  • Tip: Link blocks are easy for a user because the link rows are large and easy to click for a mobile user.



Info Row

Info Row allows for adding text next to an icon. It can be used to list a number of feature. Items in the list cannot be linked individually.



Separators are used to add spacing between content modules.

Horizontal Separator

A Horizontal Separator inserts a row of adjustable height.





Vertical Separator

A Vertical separator adds vertical spacing between items within a row or between rows.




The Person content block inserts the profile of a specified person. 




The Team content block allows for inserting the profiles of everyone on a selected team. The list of profile images scrolls horizontally depending on number of profiles to display.

  • Tip: Administrators can control the information displayed about the user in the profiles under Requirements when building this content block. 



Rich Text

Rich Text block allows you to add and format text using the available options. Using this content block you can :

  • Make text bold

  • Make text Italic

  • Underline text

  • Add links 

  • Clear formatting

  • Add headings (H1, H2, H3 and H4)

  • Align text ( left, centre, and right)



The Header content block inserts a heading which can be used to separate and distinguish areas on a page. You can enter text, adjust the size of the text (small, medium, large), and align the text (left, centre, right). 




Inserting a Paragraph content block includes a header area suitable for a title, and is a good option when including a large amount of textual information. You can enter regular text, header text, and align the text (left, centre, right).



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If you have gone through these steps and have questions, feel free to reach out to our Support Team: We happily stand by to lend a hand!

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