What Are the Default Teams in Lane?

What are Teams?

Teams are groups of users based on roles and permissions. Teams allow you to manage the different needs of the people using your workplace, and target information accordingly.

Teams can be configured with varying levels of permissions and requirements to meet their unique needs. Administrators generally have the required permissions to create and edit content in their Channels while Team Members generally are consumers of the content. 

A person may belong to more than one Team. For example a regular Workplace Team Member may also be a member of a Health & Safety Team so that information about first aid or fire alarm testing can be targeted to them.


Default Teams:

There are four default teams created in Lane:

  • [Lane] Admin: The Admin role is used by Lane staff to help you manage your workplace Channel and Teams.

  • Workplace Admin: The Workplace Admin has full control over the Teams, content creation and managing user interactions within a Channel. This role is typically handled by the property management team of a building or company.

  • Retail Manager: Buildings that feature retail shops and restaurants can invite them to join their workplace. Lane offers them the ability to inform team members timely about discounts and promotions available nearby, and the Lane app can even facilitate payments. 

  • Workplace Member: Also known as End User, these are the people who work or visit the building or company. They may need information about the building, companies, retailers and amenities in it, and may participate in booking resources and amenities or sign up for retailer promotions.

Additional teams can be created to manage additional needs of the workplace, such as Maintenance, Parking, Security, Fire Wardens, Health & Safety and more.  


If you have any questions about Teams, feel free to reach out to our Support Team: support@joinlane.com. We are happy to help!

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