What Are Teams Within Lane?

Inviting people to your digital workplace is a great way to power your workplace experience and increase overall engagement! 


Here is a breakdown of the default teams within Lane: 

  • Admin: At the top of the permissions chain, Admins have access to everything within your workplace.  Be sure to distribute Admin access carefully, as those added are in complete control. 
  • Workplace Admin: The workplace admin, previously know as User, has full control over the Admin View.  This includes things like creating content and posting a notice!  This role is perfect for internal team members administering your workplace. 
  • Retail Manager: Buildings that feature retail directories can invite individual retailers to join their workplace.  This is a perfect way to grow retail engagement, giving your retailers access to do things like post content and promotions. 
  • Workplace Member: Also know as end-user or subscriber.  These are the amazing people who work and interact in your building.  A subscriber-only has access to the Members View, and cannot administer your workplace.  
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