How To Sign Up For Lane?

Take the first step in joining your digital workplace, by signing up for a Lane account with these easy steps! 

You can create a Lane account through these simple steps:

  • Download: You can download the Lane app on your mobile device (Android + iOS), or access Lane through the web by visiting: Signup Lane
  • Signup: From the login screen, select signup to begin creating an account. 
  • Building: Next select the building that your work in. (You can still sign up if you are active within that building, but do not work there.)
  • Company: Here you will have the option to select the company you work for, within the building you've selected.  Should your company not be in that particular building, select next to continue signing up.  
  • Credentials: Input your name, email, and password for your new Lane account.  Be sure to use an email you have access too, and place your full name so members of the app can recognize you. 
  • Confirm Email: Once your signup is complete, you will receive an email confirmation.  Clicking verify, will allow you to gain the full functionality of your account and confirm your credentials. 
  • Web View: After completing these simple steps, you will be brought to the Web View for your workplace.  🎉


Note: Don't see your company, click on Can't Find My Company and fill out the simple support form to get in touch with our team.  We will then confirm your details with the building to have you added to the app.  


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