How To: Using Links Effectively

The no-code Lane Builder features multiple ways to link to other places

Choosing the right type of link makes for a better experience for Team Members. Let's explore the different ways!

Content Builder

In the Lane Content Builder, you can make a variety of Content Blocks into a link. The Section Content List block automatically lists and links to the Pages within the selected Section. Icons, images, and even Headers and Paragraphs can be made into a link. Look for the Link menu item when dragging and dropping a Content Block in the Editor step:


The Link Row, in particular, is designed to display rows of icons and labels, which can be linked to any website, email address or phone number:


Pages and Posts as External Links

A Page or Post can also be made into an external link. Create a New Page or Post, and build the Info card. This Info card becomes the link Team Members will click on.


Click on Save and Next, then select the External Link checkbox in the Editor step:


External Links and Webview

Webviews are a powerful new feature that allow content builders to insert any external webpage so that it appears in the Lane app. Webviews offer similar functionality to an External Link.

To use either, click on the External checkbox in the Editor stage of the Lane Builder. There are two Opening Mode options:


When to use Webviews (In App)

Webviews, also called iframes, are useful when you want Team Members to stay within the Lane app. You can show the information on any external webpage in similar to viewing information on an internal Page. The information on the external webpage may change frequently, which means the content builder does not need to monitor and update information on internal Pages accordingly.



When to use External Links

Use an External Link when you want the user to open the link in another app the user has installed, such as Maps, Uber, Calendar, or in a new, separate browser window.

In summary, External Links clearly distinguish between internal and externally created information, while Webviews offer a seamless view of external information from within the Lane application.

If you have any questions about Webviews or External Links, contact the Helpdesk at and we will be happy to advise you.

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