How to: View a Member's Interactions


With Interactive Content, the data on interactions and submissions is viewed in the Table tab of the Page or Post, or for a group of Pages under a Section. 


What interaction statuses are shown?

The statuses for interactive content items can be grouped into two groups: Open and Closed.

Open status includes:

  • Created
  • Accepted
  • Approved
  • Arrived
  • Assigned
  • Confirmed

Closed status includes:

  • Cancelled
  • Closed
  • Complete
  • Declined
  • Deleted
  • Failed
  • Rejected

Viewing Interactions

To view interactions, locate the original Interactive Post, Page or Section in the appropriate Center of the Admin View and click on the Table tab.

Interactions can be viewed in Gallery view or as a Table, and in more detail as individual receipts:

  • Gallery view: This view gives you a high-level overview of all submitted interactions, which can be filtered by submission date and status.


  • Table view: The table view shows all the submitted information in a series of columns and rows. The information shown can also be filtered by date range or state (open or closed).Interactive_table.png
  • Receipt:  To get more detailed interaction, click on a user submission. A detailed breakdown shows that user's interaction with the content. The details shown depend on the interactive fields the user is required to fill out before submission.


Download Results

From Gallery or Table view, the list of interactions can be downloaded in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format for import into any spreadsheet or database software.

The download button is highlighted below:



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