What are Tabs?

Tabs allow you to tailor your workplace experience through setting custom in-app navigation. 


Here is a breakdown of what Tabs will allow you to do: 

  • Navigation: By default, you will see the following in-app navigation. Home, Work, Retail, and Profile. These are default Tabs within your workplace experience app. Each of these tabs gets linked to a Page.
  • Custom App Layout: Tabs give you the flexibility to create a custom app layout tailored to your workplace.  From the use of a few tabs, creating a minimal look, or multiple giving your tenants easy access to your pages. 
  • Web View: Configurable by a Workplace Admin, tabs will appear within your mobile app and desktop web view. 

Note: Need to add or change the setup of your Tabs? Get in touch with our friendly Support Team for a hand. 

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