How to use Content Blocks?

Content Blocks are the powerful drag-and-drop sections that allow us to build engaging and interactive content. You can mix and match various blocks to create a unique content masterpiece.  

How to use Content Blocks? 

  1. To start, create a New Post or Notice from the Content Center or New Page from the Page Center
  2. Select your Template in Step 1, enter the content information in Step 2, and move onto Step 3 to start adding Content Blocks to your layout.
  3. To add content blocks, drag or double-click a content block of your choice from the menu on the left-hand side onto the layout. You can add various content blocks and/or multiples of the same content block. After you drag the content block onto the layout, a new window will pop up where you can start adding information to your content block. 
  4. Once you've added information to the content block, click on the red button to close the pop-up window, and then click on Save to finalize. You can always click on the content block within the layout to edit the information within. Be sure to save your changes!
Note: Interactive content are also blocks that can be added onto the layout, identical to regular content blocks. 


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